Currently, my fees are $75 per hour for everything including:

    • phone conversations;
    • e-mail;
    • reviewing educational records, school documents and testing;
    • research;
    • writing/reviewing letters;
    • attending meetings (including travel time to and from meetings);
    • etc.
  • I require a $600 retainer and a contract to be signed before starting a case.
  • I will need a complete un-returnable copy of your child's educational records (IEP's, testing, report cards, standardized tests, discipline reports, etc.) for my files.
  • If you think you only need an hour or two consultation, please let me know by e-mail. You can mail your payment in advance to the address above with a scheduled time for convenient calling, and we can certainly work on an as needed basis without a contract. I do not however do consultations without payment in advance.
  • I give a 15-minute consult for free.

I truly understand many parents cannot afford to pay for advocacy services. This is why I have developed an extensive resource list for parents on my Resource webpage and in the GA Children's Network Links section. You can join GA Children's Network at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GA-ChildrensNetwork/. Please feel free to use these free resources before contacting me. Get as many recommendations and as much information as you can from other sources first.

When I personally resorted to hiring an attorney to help me with my own children (and had to explain to my husband why it was necessary), I told him to look at it like it was much, much cheaper than paying for private school, which was the alternative. You must keep these things in perspective. The special education maze is difficult, and you must not consider yourself a failure if you need help. At the same time, you can also learn to advocate yourself, please use the resources provided through various disability organizations.

My advocacy and consulting services are 1/6th the cost of hiring a special education attorney. I certainly can't guarantee the same results, but it certainly could be well worth the money to try me first.

Please do not schedule school meetings without first checking to see if it is convenient for your advocate to attend. I certainly understand that parents are usually desperate for information and help if they are at the point of paying someone else for advice and advocacy services. I have been there and in your shoes and understand. However, parents need to realize it may be well worth the wait to postpone immediate meetings with schools in order to try to get everything in order and a plan in place before meeting with a school. You want to be prepared, and your Advocate, whoever you use will need time to this.

E-mail or call me if I can be of assistance to you.

Carol Sadler
Special Education Consultant/Advocate
770-442-8357 Fax (Call first)
Crabapple Falls Subdivision off Hwy. 140
1105 Rock Pointe Look
Woodstock, GA 30188

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