• First and foremost, I am the parent of two wonderful and beautiful daughters with multiple neurological disabilities including AD/HD, ADD-Inattentive Type, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, multiple Learning Disabilities, Executive Function Disorder, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), Receptive/Expressive Language Disorders, Pragmatic Language Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, Ocular Motor Disorder, Global Apraxia, Hypotonia, Fine and Gross Motor Delays, Anxiety Disorders (including Separation Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD and Generalized Anxiety), ODD, and PDD-NOS who receive special education services under IDEA in GA. I have been navigating the special education system since 1995. Due to my own children's disabilities, I also have personal expertise in these multiple disorders listed above involving diagnosis, treatment, medication, therapy and management as well.

  • In 1998 I left the corporate world as a Staff Accountant of almost 20 years to become a full time Stay-At-Home Mom due to the difficulty in raising two young children with disabilities.

  • I have been a CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) Coordinator in Atlanta since 1999, and previously attended meetings since 1995. I ran the Cherokee/Cobb, North Atlanta, and Central GA CHADD Chapter and Branches of CHADD in GA from 1999 to 2003. I continue to be an Advisor and Speaker for the groups as needed. During my tenor as Coordinator, I attended the CHADD National Conferences, developed two newsletters which were widely circulated, was quoted and featured in numerous magazine articles, and twice (2002 and 2003) successfully hosted and coordinated a State AD/HD Mental Health Conference in Atlanta. I also opened 3 AD/HD list servs for parents, adults, and professionals, which I still moderate today.

  • I have been Vice-President for the Chattahoochee Council of the Learning Disabilities Association of GA and a parent supporting AD/HD parents for the Parent-To-Parent organization.

  • I have been the Exceptional Children Committee Chair at my daughter's school in Woodstock and have been a member of the Cherokee County PTA Council Exceptional Children Committee. During the 2001-2002 school year, my Exceptional Children Committee won 1st Place in the State and won the Wrightslaw Best National PTA website award. I also served on the Mountain Road Elementary School Advisory Council from 2001-2003.

  • In 2001/2002, I served on the GA Special/General Education Collaborative Consortium at the invitation of the GA Department of Education as a parent participant.

  • In 2002/2003, I attended the GA Parent Mentor Program as an invited guest of the GA Department of Education as a Parent Advocate and CHADD Coordinator.

  • In 2003, I attended and was a graduate of the 1st GA Advocacy Office Parent Leadership Support Project (PLSP) class, a 15-week special education legal training course. I worked with the GAO staff attorney, Leslie Lipson, who developed the Project, to give her insight and advice on what parents needed and wanted from the Program and ways GAO could help them become successful Parent Advocates. I continue to be involved with the Project and a guest Speaker during each class session. I help train new graduates and participants of the PLSP classes by inviting them to attend IEP/School meetings with me and my clients for training. Every year I take a few pro-bono cases for the GA Advocacy Office and participate on the PLSP list serv giving advice as needed and share information.

  • In 2003, I formed with my co-moderators the wonderful GA Childrens Network (GCN). We envisioned and started a list serv where parents could network with other parents, advocates, attorneys, disability organization leaders, and disability professionals in a safe and confidential forum. I continue to run, moderate and participate on the GCN list serv today, giving parents and professionals free advice as needed.

  • I am on multiple disability and advocacy list servs including: COPAA (Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys), COSEP (Coalition of Special Education Parents), ReedMartinSpecEdLaw, several AD/HD list servs, Autism-Georgia, GA Childhood Bipolar Foundation (GCBF), and the CHADD Coordinators and GAO PLSP lists. I moderate five disability list servs including the GA Children's Network, GA Advocates Network, AD/HD Parent List, AD/HD Adult list, and the AD/HD E-news. As a volunteer, I have advised parents, adults, educators and professionals in these multiple forums for the last five years. I continue to share and learn from other parents, professionals and volunteers in all of these wonderful list servs to date.

  • I have attended numerous national and local disability/advocacy conferences including the COPAA (Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys) Conference, CHADD National Conference several times, ADDA Conference, Anxiety Disorders of America Conference, LDAG Annual Conference, World Congress on Disabilities, and have attended numerous sessions on AD/HD, LD's, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ODD, Autism/Aspergers, and many regarding legal and advocacy issues surrounding special education law.

  • Finally, I am not an attorney or educator, however I do have training and knowledge in these areas due to the extensive experience I have working with the wonderful organizations I have mentioned above and due to the research I?ve conducted in order to help my clients and my own children. I have worked as a trained professional Lay Parent Advocate since 2003, and often work in conjunction/collaboration with a private Special Education Attorney and the Attorneys with the GA Advocacy Office.

Carol Sadler
Special Education Consultant/Advocate
770-442-8357 Fax (Call first)
Crabapple Falls Subdivision off Hwy. 140
1105 Rock Pointe Look
Woodstock, GA 30188

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