I can help parents:

  • work with their school to develop an appropriate education for their disabled child
  • learn about their children's rights and that they are equal partners in their child's education
  • learn how to encourage schools and teachers to follow the special education and disability laws
  • teach teachers about their children's disabilities
  • learn what accommodations and modifications are appropriate for their child
  • understand what their school should be doing for their disabled children
  • understand the differences between Special Education (IDEA), 504 Plans, SST, and NCLB (No Child Left Behind)
  • get appropriate services for their disabled children
  • get appropriate testing for their child paid for by the school district
  • determine whether their child qualifies for special education services
  • convince the school to test their child for disabilities
  • convince the school to develop positive behavior plans
  • write meaningful letters
  • request their child's educational records
  • document cases
  • develop appropriate IEP's and 504 Plans
  • determine whether a FBA and BIP are warranted
  • by attending IEP and/or school meetings
  • by recommending treatment and therapy options
  • by giving resources
  • and by giving general advice and recommendations.

I can also help parents outside the Atlanta area or out of state by e-mail and phone. Obviously, I may not be able to attend meetings, but I can certainly help advise parents, review school documents and testing, help write necessary letters, and give general recommendations.

I want parents who choose to contact me to understand that I am not an educator or attorney. The advice I give is not meant to replace legal or professional advice, but rather to supplement. What I have learned is from my own experiences down in the trenches with my children, the school systems, from my role as a CHADD and LDA support group Coordinator, and through special education legal training provided by the GA Advocacy Office.

I also can do AD/HD and Advocacy training for PTA's, schools, and Parent/Disability organizations.

Keep my contact information above on file for reference and give to other parents you know should they need assistance with special education issues or an advocate to attend their IEP meetings. If you provide a resource list for other parents, I would greatly appreciate your adding my contact information to your list.

Please contact me if I can help you develop an appropriate education for your child. I look forward to working with you.

Carol Sadler
Special Education Consultant/Advocate
770-442-8357 Fax (Call first)
Crabapple Falls Subdivision off Hwy. 140
1105 Rock Pointe Look
Woodstock, GA 30188

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